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Your home is the most important purchase you will make in your life. As such, it deserves the best insurance. Accidents can befall the most meticulously protected real estate: water and fire damage, burglary, natural disasters… even the things that you can’t think of. It’s not always the case that there are funds set aside to have the basement refinished after the water heater explodes or to have the roof replaced after a tree falls on it. What if there is an electrical fire in your home? It’s situations like that where you need insurance.

Cassidy Associates Insurance Agency

In the business of insuring homes on the North Shore for more than 50 years. Any home carrying a mortgage is required by the lender to carry home insurance. We work with both local and national bank and mortgage companies. Providing quality protection for your home is our business. We have many insurance partners with whom we will work to find the best coverage tailored to your needs, from a humble New England cottage to a majestic waterfront mansion.

We also offer other dwelling insurances, such as fire and renters. There are few things as destructive in our world as fire. We will work with you to write a comprehensive Fire Policy that will cover all of your needs. Not ready to own a home yet? That doesn’t mean you’re not ready for insurance! The same mishaps can befall an apartment or condominium that can befall a home. Be sure to ask about our comprehensive Renter’s or Condominium Insurance rates to protect your possessions from theft, fire, and water damage.